At Accountability Inc., our owners choose to follow Jesus Christ. We are not perfect Christians, but we consider ourselves like King David. Twice GOD says that in King David, he had found ‘a man after my own heart.’ GOD continued to love and use David even after his time of backsliding. We as a company have a business model in mind, and we choose to give our business to GOD. We want to honor him in everything we do.

Our founder, Britton Jensen, is a disabled combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was medically retired from the Army in 2004.

Upon getting out of the military, he met his wife, Katherien, whom he happily he married on January 5th, 2006.

He was lucky enough to receive a better half, but was also blessed with a new son and daughter, Nicholas, and Elisa. Nicholas, born April 4th, 1999, was always the sweetest of little boys, the kindest of kids, a turd of a teenager, but now a pretty darn good young man.

A year or so goes by, and GOD shows off again, and along comes a new blessing, Christian, the future generation of an Army Soldier. Born July 3rd, 2007, he was almost an Independence Day baby. Since he could talk, all he ever says is that he wants to be an Army Officer when he grows up. Every time Britton thinks about that, he smiles warmly.

Fast forward 3 years, on June 23rd, 2010, wouldn’t you know it, he was blessed again with the beautiful baby of the bunch, Madison. Shes as fiery as her red hair, (dad thinks she gets it from her mom), and loves as deep as the auburn tint of those gorgeous locks.

Now you may be wondering about his oldest daughter, Elisa…

Well this is where the story really gets good. A few years ago, Elisa was at a concert, and noticed this smokin’ hot guy, “SLAPPIN DA BASS”, (spoke in the best Jamaican Rastafarian accent possible.) And that was where I came in folks, yes that smokin hot guy was me, Josh.

As you can imagine, she couldn’t resist me, so now I have weaseled my way into her beautiful family, but they love me because, GOD blessed us with my son, his grandson, and the newest addition to our flock, Levi. Talk about cute (I’m told he gets it from his father.) This baby boy is a game changer.

So I’ve told you about the people, now let me tell you about our mission. We as a company have set a goal. That goal is to be our customers’ one and only phone call for assistance. We want to provide any service to which you have a need for. With that said, we dare you come up with a need or want that we cant do. Our goal is to provide any service to the best of our ability, performed with the highest quality, and with the best warranty and guarantee. In most cases, we give a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship, and the longest warranty we can on equipment.

We will always give a discount to our customers that are Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders. They’ve earned it, and we are honored to give it.

Now I’m going to tell you why we do what we do. We notice that a lot of our customers are the result of overpriced, under skilled, wanna-be tradesman that are really just handymen, taking advantage of and otherwise ripping off the hands that feed them. We cant even count the number of clients that were so hesitant to hire us after the nightmare they experienced with previous companies. We are doing our due diligence to change the reputation of what a contractor and service providers should be.

We appreciate the opportunity to give you the best service you’ve ever had, and challenge you to come up with a task that we cant handle.

Thank you and GOD bless.